About NeoNile.NET

NeoNile.NET has been in the market since 1999 gaining more satisfied customers.

Our signature application NeoNile.NET CRM has been on the market since 2015.

This is our story.

NeoNile.NET worked on several in-house ERP systems for some of the major companies in Egypt and the middle east. Later during 2012 was the beginning of the pharmaceutical industry exposure, with the know-how and market knowledge, the CRM was first created. Later 2015 it was implemented in four major pharmaceutical companies, and from each companies' feedback, it kept changing until it reached maturity, and is always being fine-tuned to the best result


Why we created NeoNile.NET CRM

There was a gap between all CRM systems and the needs of the pharmaceutical industry, and we were approached by 2 major cutomers in the industry, and our system was born.


Our Story

NeoNile.NET was founded in 1999, with our sole goal to exceed customers' expectaion, not only requirements, but also extra help and support.


What we do

We will analyze, consult, create and support you to fulfil your goals.

Behind every great product, there is a great mind.


Behind every great product, there is a great mind.


Our Customers

Great Circles Services
Cairo Scooters Club
Western Pharma
Riva Pharma

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