KST-TX01 & KST-RX806

This tutorial talks about how to communicate with ATMega8 chip wirelessly, using a cheap and affordable RF wireless kit.

There are so many options to go with, the easy way is always not the cheapest, and the cheapest is not so easy.


Couple of days ago I bought a wireless RF kit called Transmission Head KST-TX01 & Receiver Module KST-RX806 from RAM Electronics which is by the way a very nice e-shop in Egypt.


After I placed the order, I thought I'll take a look at it online to see what people say about it and how can it be hooked up, but I saw so many disappointing posts in so many forums, so I was skeptical, and was thinking it was not a very smart move from my side to buy it without knowing enough information about it.

The next day I got it, and couldn't wait to test it, so I just got my ATMega8, and burned a very simple serial sketch to it the one described on a previous tutorial, and connected the KST-TX01 to the MAX232 TX pin, and on the other side, I connected the KST-RX806 to the RX pin on the ATMega, keeping the the MAX232 RX pin connected to the ATMega TX pin, and voila it works.

The problem is with RF (Radio Frequency) interference, if left alone, the receiver might think it received some data, but as long as the transmitter is transmitting data without interruption it is going on fine, and no rubbish data gets in the way.

Of Course this might not be always the case, specially when the transmitter and receiver are far away from each other, the distance will affect the quality of the signal, and interference will be an issue that will need some correction.

I will post more details about how to overcome this and make sure data is intact.