Artificial intelligence - the future of smart phones

"The constant rapidity in the growth of smartphones has left the common people amazed of what else it can do now. Smartphone, the source of entertainment has now become something more than just being a device to kill the boredom and dullness. Find out how."

The world, in reality, has converted into a global village, and possibly, it is coming "together" with the progression of time. Obviously, globalization is the significant reason behind the contraction of this world, and one thing which has readily contributed to this shrinkage of world is the energetic and strong growth of technology.

The principle motivation behind the world becoming a "worldwide town" is the development of innovation and uniqueness. However, in the realm of innovation, what has been done for the Smartphones is worth seeing.

The article below is about the relevance of artificial intelligence in the market of Smart phone. There was a great overhaul two years ago about artificial intelligence in smart phones from Apple, when they announced Siri, but certainly there is much more than just Siri that will be considerable in coming years.